City of the Gods

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The Story So Far

So far, the Tarkhan of the Wolf Nomads (located in Ungra Balan) asked the adventurers to bring a gem of true seeing to the Khan of the rivals Tiger Nomads to the west, in an attempt to gain the ability to spy on them. Warily, the khan took the gem from them. They also found a gnome in town which they interrogated about the fabled “City of The Gods”, and after killing his child and wife, he killed him self by burning his home down in desperation. The only information they were able to uncover was to scraps of paper that said, “City of the Gods” and “Makers undone by their Creations”. The PC’s were then hassled by a group of Tiger Nomads upon their departure regarding the murder of the gnome. The PC’s completed the trek back home, and when they relayed the information to their Tarkhan, he revealed a rumor of an under sea ruin in the near by lake. The PC’s first had to figure out a way to breathe underwater long enough to explore the ruin. They heard that a local scroll vendor had a scroll of water breathing, and there was someone who owed him money. The PC’s found this man, “Little Thom”, and proceeded to beat him to death. They then looted his home, and retrieved aa azure mask that was hanging on the wall. Then they returned to the vendor, who handed over the scroll, grumbling about the manner in which the PC’s handled the situation. The party then embarked for the lake, and once there, realized they had no means of location the ruin. So they asked to borrow a boat from a fisherman, and proceeded to use their “Rod of Metal and Mineral Detection” to locate a large deposit of “Brass” below them. They dove in, and were promptly attacked by a sea cat. After deafeating it and two lacedons, they made their way into the ruin, which was surronded by its own bubble of air. Once inside, it was almost completely devoid of light. A rope dangled from an unseeable place, and small drops of salt water dropped from above. The PC’s then proceeded into the hall beyond, to find a artifact which seemed to be some sort of gnomish propeller. Once they moved it, the stone door closed behind them and the room began to fill with water. With some struggle, they managed to escape the room with the artifact. The PC’s then went back to invesigate the rope, and the cleric managed to ascend the rope. At the top, she found the ghost of a soldier that seemed to have been present at the time of the “Gear Madness”. She asked him two questions which he answered,””. She came back down, told the rest of the party what happened. They then traveled back to the Tarkhan with this new information and the artifact. The artifact was revealed to be, in fact, a propeller, one that was used on a fantastical form of transport called “The Magic Egg”. These vehicles were created and used when the City of the Gods was at it’s height, and ruins of them can be found in the now ruined city of Blackmoor. The PC’s then recieved a letter imprinted with a sigil of a snake upon it, beckoning them to meet an informant regarding the City of the Gods. It turns out that this man was a member of the Society of the Serpent, a society that gathers information for it’s later sale. He almost forced the party into joining the group, finally revealing himself to be a larva mage. After they agreed to join, he branded the sigil into their palms and left as quickly as he had come. Over the next week, Ungra Balan was raided twice, the second of which the PC’s were captured by a very powerful druid. Taken to an unknown location once they were incapacitated, the PC’s woke up seperated. After a small struggle, they managed to reunite, all but one. The dragon disciple was no where to be found. The rest of the party smugly defeated a whole room full of orcs with the help of a sly, singing gnome. They then proceeded to move upstairs and defeat another groups of orcs and send a chandelier shattering down on a troll. It was then the party found the dragon disciple, weezing as he came out of a secret passage, saying he defeated a mage who filled the room with noxious gas. They had to get back home. On their travel home, their contact from the SoS confronted them about their imprisonment, going as far as to threaten the dragon disciple with death. Finally giving up, he left, but still leery about the disciple. The PC’s finished their return home in peace. When they arrived home, they saw destruction everywhere, and a war memorial erected in honor of the Tarkhan. It was said he did not die in combat, but was assassinated. Soon after they discovered this troubling fact, they received a letter from the SoS, they were expected to retrieve an object from the Howling Hills to prove their loyalty, or be killed for treachery.

In the Belly of the Beast
Dungeon Crawl

The PC’s have entered this cave in the Howling Hills searching for an artifact, one that could see through time, also one that would prevent them from being killed by the Society of the Serpant, the ones who commisioned them on this journey. Along the way, they stumbled upon a guild of Dwarves digging a hole, one that they seemed to think would take them to the “City of Wonder”. Although the first few rooms of the cave were dangerous, the PC’s managed to make it through mostly unscathed, but they all sensed danger ahead.


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